Circles make me dizzy!

Somehow in the midst of all that dancing yesterday it didn’t dawn on me that I get up and write at six in the morning. Before I start my day of duties. SO it won’t be till the sun is up that I can take the quilt top out onto the porch and get a decent picture of it for y’all.

I’m pretty jazzed about starting the circles. I love new toys! I hope the attachment works as well as I am imagining. Yes, I know it will take me some time to get the feel for it. I’m going to practice on some scrap fabric a few times to work out the kinks.

Circle attachment for Husqvarna


It’s already after 7 and I still have my jammies on.. not a good start for the day. My Lola has had me up and down fifteen times this morning.. wanting treats, telling me that Nuts the cat was at the door then wanting her quilt over her. I think she has me trained pretty well now. That’s wrong on so many levels.

Quick update on all my drama.. new medicine is starting to work. Not so sick anymore and walking a bunch better. Can’t drive yet but I’m getting there. The Aquarium is crystal clear and I’m gonna rearrange the rock later today hoping tomorrow I’ll get a fish to test the waters.

I’ll try to get pictures today and if I can’t post them they will be up tomorrow morning! Enjoy your day!

A fellow Bloggin’ Quilter has entered a contest for best stash. Can you please help her by voting?  She’s #3 in the stash category.

Go to 
Click on the “let the voting begin” button and vote. Her stash is Number Three in the Best Stash category. 

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One response to “Circles make me dizzy!

  1. So glad your new meds are making a difference-wahoo!


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