Similar Quilts..

I actually got a lot done on the Batik Bubbles quilt. It no longer fits on the design wall and I still have four more rows to attach. Ya know, I may just finish this quilt! I’m looking forward to using my circle attachment I bought at the last show.  But I’m still at odds on which batiks to use.

When I got my May/June  Love of Quilting Magazine I nearly popped .. there on page 46 was quilt with the same idea! I just know people will think that’s where I got it from!

Color Wave Kit available at Fons & Porter

Mine will have a lot fewer bubbles but the basic premise is the same. Well darn it anyway! Of course there are bunches out there with this concept I just hadn’t seen any for a while. I also added in the pieced background so it remains different. Isn’t it funny how everything old gets brought back with a new twist?

Our guilds’ show next year is ‘Explosion of Color’ and this is to be my interpretation. Oh well, it is still my take on it. I’m definitely not using solids though! In fact it may make me lean toward mixing more batiks instead of one colorway.  
First I have to finish the top.
My Aquarium is set up and running, as soon as the water is clear I will post some pictures!


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3 responses to “Similar Quilts..

  1. jennyklyon

    That happens to me all the time-bummer. I am looking forward to seeing YOUR bubble quilt!


  2. Yours is going to be uniquely yours. Don’t worry. Keep sewing.


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