WHOOT! WHOOT! Today I quilt!!

Oh yeah baby! I am so, gonna quilt like a (okay, I already got stuck here..) like a what?

Well I’m gonna quilt, and that my dear, is the point! I’m sitting up straight and my shoulders are relaxed! I used to get terrible cramps in my shoulders when I was sewing. Turns out I was holding my shoulders tensed up. Then I go on to find out other people do that too! They make weighty thingys to put on your shoulders. They should have mentioned that in one of the books. Along with rotary cutters and just how important it is to shut the blade before you set it down. I heard that there’s a teacher out there that charges you a quarter every time she sees you forget in her class workshops. Now that’s an idea I can get behind!

I'll bet you can see it!

So my rookie error is now funny.. I can get on with finishing and stop kickin’ myself. With all I am doing to my brain right now it’s a miracle that I even used a quarter-inch foot! I may end up renaming this quilt something about brain cells instead of batik bubbles. In fact this one may just be the first one I display (okay maybe not).. it’s way too big for that.

DH is gone garage saling so I’m gonna crank the tunes and let Vern roar!

BTW.. I will be posting more pictures today when the Aquarium guy sets up the tank. Did I tell yall it is HUGE?


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One response to “WHOOT! WHOOT! Today I quilt!!

  1. Lovely. I’m mad about neutral quilts anyway, but this one is very special, great job. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the quilting. Sharyn


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