No quiltin today..

Petco store.

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Sound effects just are not the same on-line. I’m one of those people who like to use them for everything. I’m also a loud talker. My voice rises with my excitement level. I started my new meds this week and it has been brutal. But… I started my new meds! WHOO-HOO!!

I also got a call yesterday and (dum de dumm dumm) they are delivering my new aquarium today!! I’m trying to not get excited until they get here but that’s like asking a dog not to bark. The guy from Creative Aquatics will be here friday to set it up (yep, 200 lbs of gravel, rocks, filter, water, everything). In case you missed it I am the Ultimate Aquarium Winner at Petco! I’ve never gotten anything top of the line like this. I came really close to asking DH to take out a wall in the family room so I could get a bigger one! They said I could have any size so I wanted the six-foot one! Okay so I don’t have room for that unless I got rid of the couch so I settled for the four-foot by two-foot. HaaHaa I settled.. isn’t that a funny thing to say? The side effects from these meds have me drivin’ the porcelain bus and I’ve got the giggles!

It's here!! WHOO-HOO! Isn't it perfect?

Then there’s my Dog Lola.. she is acting psycho, well more than usual… wants me to go out and check the chickens at 4am? I got up at 3 am and it’s thrown her day off. She likes to start her day by barkin’ at the Rooster.  He crows and flaps his wings she barks, he flaps, she barks.. it’s a game. But at 4am? Please! I just finally got her settled down by wrapping her in a quilt.

My Nightmare list is done for now.. until the next thing. So I can finally look to the things that matter. We all have stuff that we have to get through. These are mine. I just have to get through them. I almost said, no biggie, but that would be a lie. Nightmares are terrifying but waking up after one you can choose to get on with life or still be jumpy. I choose the list that really matters.

Today is going to be a good day, meeting with a realtor and taking my mom shopping for new blinds. With a stop at Honey Baked Ham on the way home for a ham bone! I love 15 bean soup and it’s so much better with a ham bone. When I get home my aquarium should be here shortly after!!

And tomorrow I QUILT!



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6 responses to “No quiltin today..

  1. I cannot wait until you get your aquarium set up. I love aquariums. They are so peaceful-like a type of nirvana.


  2. Thanks as long as I can “giggle” in the midst of it… I can do it!


  3. Wow!! Way cool to have such a fantastic aquarium! 🙂 I have one with angel fish — my favorites!


  4. I’m gonna try to stick with Euclids this time.. My last Angel got so big so fast I could only put in Huge fish with her! She was MEAN!


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