Quarter inch feet are not alike!

I’m still plodding along on the 9-patch quilt.. I’ll tell ya what, that is a bunch of seams to match when sewing the rows together! I made a rookie mistake. I have to tell on myself so I can get from being mad to finding the funny in it. Half way through the quilt I changed my quarter-inch foot. Well I changed it to a see-through quarter-inch foot. No harm no foul right? WRONG!! No I didn’t sew a test seam in between. That was the rookie part!

Come on! Yall are not supposed to be flinching here! You’re supposed to help me to find the funny part!

I noticed as I sewed more rows together. Yep, knew instantly what happened. Got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.. that’s what experience does for me. I can recognise a mistake after I make it for the ump-teenth time. Nope, doesn’t stop me from making it again I just don’t have to think much about it when I see the results of the mistake.

It’s an eighth inch difference in the width of the quilt. Not huge but I know it’s there. You’d be able to pick it out too! As I look at it, it is screaming at me! But I’m not going to re-make 120 9-patches un-sew then re-sew so I trudge on.

I’m sure we all make them. I got ahead of myself. When stripping I like the metal foot I know I have to set the needle over to .8 and for pieceing tops I like the clear foot that I set at .5 and if I switch between them it’s usually only at those times. Which would not effect the top.

Well all I can say now is WHOOPS! One thing I am is adaptable.



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7 responses to “Quarter inch feet are not alike!

  1. From quilts, I know nothing but I love the way they look.
    I always visit the post next to mine on Postaday2011. This is the 5th time it has been you so I thought it was fate and I should leave a comment. I really don’t understand half of what you say (it is like reading a contract bridge column if you don’t play – and I don’t) but I enjoy your writing. Keep it up! I will see you again, I have a feeling.


  2. jennyklyon

    I found out on rulers that all inches are not the same either-who knew?


  3. Ugh! Very sorry!! That could be a place where I’m happy with good enough. :\


  4. OUCH and I know the feeling all to well, just when you’re ‘in the zone’ you realize a mistake. I am sure that it will be only you that will notice it screaming, no one else.


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