Paducah or Bust

Do you think a sign like that would work? Maybe I could hitch a ride… I’ve got two weeks to get there right? It could be an adventure! Since I’m already busted I guess not… and with my luck there really are quilt police and I’d get arrested! But it could be a really funny story!  

I got to meet my Hero!

I may have really blown it by going to Paducah first.  That place is Disneyland for Quilters. The shuttles, the shops.. downtown.. everyone was so happy and friendly. Not to mention there is fabric.. literally everywhere! And Eleanor (Burns) is there too! Eleanor is my BQF ya know! Well, she doesn’t know it but I call her that.. when she accepted my Facebook friend request last year I went on a rant about her being my best quilting friend. I have all her shows burnt to DVD and I’ve almost got them memorized. Before joining the Guild I was all alone in my quilting world and Eleanor was the only quilter I knew! I did see Alex (Anderson) but she taught like I was already a quilter. My Guild friends thought I was nuts. I cried when I saw her!

I’m still hoping for Knoxville this year. So I guess I’d better get to work to make that happen. And to all of you who not only are going to Paducah but are IN the show!! I want to see pictures!! (and tell my BQF, I said “Hi!”)



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4 responses to “Paducah or Bust

  1. jennyklyon

    I want to go too! I haven’t been yet but I get to go in the fall to study with my BQF, Diane Gaudynski. I would love to go in April and see the show…


  2. As of last night, I’ve made the decision not to go to Paducah (to admire & shop, not show) this year. I’ll get there another year. 🙂


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