Scatter Brain or Genius?

With me it’s usually when I am at my most scatter-brained that inspiration strikes. Unfortunately I don’t always remember what it was I came up with. I really need to start carrying a note pad around with me.. but then I’d lose it so.. I’m stuck in this vicious loop!

I was surfing for quilting patterns and found this link to quilting fillers. It was so much fun to watch the slideshow I just lost a half hour. I’ve got errands to do this morning but pretty much after that my day is set aside for getting that quilt onto the table.  I wanted to have the top marked with the general scheme and of course the basics so I don’t forget where I am during the quilting process. Once I get the batting loaded it will be enough for a few quilts and that’s a relief.

Yes, he had his own couch too! He was such a blessing!

So where’s the genius part you wonder? ME TOO!  You’d think I would have some.. somewhere? I have come up with some scathingly brilliant ideas in the past. But they usually had to do with home remodeling. And since I no longer weild a saw or hammer you’d think I’d have some having to do with quilting. I’m still waiting for them. In the meantime, I am watching for them lets hope I find my notepad!



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5 responses to “Scatter Brain or Genius?

  1. I think you are selling yourself a bit short. Brilliant ideas and/or ‘genius ingenuity’ can be according to one’s perspective. You may not see it but others can.


  2. knitwitted

    I object. You cannot put a link to the The Free Motion Quilting Project without first posting a warning that we really ought to have a bib and/or mop handy.


  3. knitwitted

    And goodness! I thought Spirograph was the koolest thing ever…


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