Sleeping with Dogs

It's always treat time at GanGans!!

My granddogs are visiting for the weekend which is wonderful… until bed time. That’s six dogs fighting for their favorite spot.. three have to be completely under the covers and one only partially. So there is no moving once everyone gets settled. SO I’m up early and my back is.. well I know you already figured all that out. But now that were all up… they’re all wonderful again. Well at least I think so.. DH is not fond of barking and with six? BWAAHAAHAA!

Which brings me to loading that pineapple quilt on the quilting  table. It is so awkward for me (you have to be coordinated) to load big quilts. No, that one isn’t as big as some but I have been putting it off.  Once I get it on there I have fun and I’ve forgotten all about having to load it.  There’s not a lot of room in here and the dogs (mine, not the grands) think batting is a slip-n-slide for dogs! Which takes me back to folded batting … I still have not found a source that does not charge extra for unfolded batting. Obviously it’s time to unfold and reload more or that quilt would already be done.

How many of yall Etsy? That is my new goal (everyone’s gotta have one, right). A web site and Etsy. I was a web site designer is my other life so that part is gonna be a snap (if I could remember how to snap). It’s whether I should try selling on Etsy. I’ve done some research and it seems to be a better than other sites for hand crafted items. I’ve got quilts piling up and I’m out of Granddogs to give them to…


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