Thoughts from a Junkyard

junkyard - car dump - Autofriedhof three

Image by ifranz via Flickr

Don’t you just love junkyards? That picture is one of the new ones not likethe ones I remember.  Today my DD is going for her first trip to the junkyard and it’s bringing back memories. I use to go to them a lot ‘back in the day’ lookin’ for one part or another. I would make up all sorts of stories about each car (in my head, I didn’t share them that would have been strange) where it had been, who had driven it. Of course that was back when cars were sexy. But that’s an entirely different subject.

Now that made me think of memory quilts and crazy quilts. Or as I like to call my Crazy Memory Quilts.. bits of fabrics framed in metallic embroidered thread. The most important aspect is texture to me. I never envisioned these to be on the wall instead of on my lap. I planned to feel my way across them more than look at them. But I love the sparkle of metallic threads.

Look at all the pretty colors!!!

Which brought me to thread painting.. see how my mind works? I know scary! I don’t have the top finished in case you heard the rumor that it might have been. I worked around the house all day yesterday then spent the afternoon sitting on the porch swing talking with the kids. Thread.. thread painting and metallic thread.. I’ve used about a ba-zillion cones of the gold and half a ba-zillion of the silver but I picked up some of that turquoise looking metallic #3022. Now with my thought process what it is.. I’m thinking about doing some thread painting around the bubbles with it! That brought me back to those new batik stacks and how perfect those colors would be with that thread.. isn’t this fun?



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2 responses to “Thoughts from a Junkyard

  1. jennyklyon

    Ooo-sounds wonderful-metallic around your bubbles! And “spent the afternoon sitting on the porch swing talking with my kids”-I call those Magic Mommy Moments (MMM in my family), smile.


  2. It was a good day and yes those moments are irreplaceable!


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