Another Beautiful day!

I’ve got chores to do.. well after this, but before quilting. Vern is trying to convince me the chores can wait! But that’s how I got into this fix so I’m not listening!

My BFF has a ladder I can borrow to finish the painting upstairs! I am tickled! I won’t have to dangle out that window to paint the house upstairs with DD hanging onto my legs! Yes, that was what I came up with for a plan.. are you saying you wouldn’t do it?  Until then I can finish up out front although that won’t be until next week  as my next few days are booked.

If I’m not careful I may just finish the top today, SHH don’t tell anyone though. I want it to be a surprise for  tomorrows post! I also saw a pattern.. I know, already thinking about another quilt.. crown of thorns.. Has any of y’all done one? I’m going to be looking at different variations to see if it is feasible for those cake stacks of batiks I just got. Yes, I’m still doin’ the latticed diamond next.. I’m just thinking ahead.

Well I’ve got to run.. I’ll post again later and we can talk about what I come up with.. that is if Vern lets me…


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One response to “Another Beautiful day!

  1. I’m glad you have a ladder to use. I think you might be pushing the envelope a little far by hanging out the window…some cartoons come to mind… I’ve never done a crown of thorns quilt but I know you can do it. Take care.


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