Tag, you’re it!

I’m in the mood to be silly. Yesterday was a good day. I know, right?

Here's my crew.. They're kinda cute.. when they're not all talking at once

Bubble Quilt Status report..

The 9 patches are ready and the top is coming together. I’m getting a bit cross eyed with the graph I printed out though. You just know I’m going to get confused a time or two.. or three so the seam ripper is kept handy.  I talked myself out of the cake stack of batiks for the bubbles.  There’s another quilt they’d be perfect for. I’m looking forward to using my new circle attachment for the bubbles. I’m finally back to enjoying the process.

I’ve been doing alot of demos on my Toyota and I’m actually re-thinking if I really want to sell it. Isn’t that funny? It is such a workhorse and yes it is loud. But it is quick and has so many embroidery designs. I’ve had it two years and still haven’t seen them all! I came across some for quilting I hadn’t seen and they are fun! I may use them in a quilt soon. I also saw some for applique, I may try them next! For the demos of course.

I have a lunch date today. Isn’t that exciting? And a bible study class tonight! So I’ve got to get off of here and get some sewing therapy done while I have time! Vern is calling!


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  1. Glad to hear about your outings. They sound energizing. I’m looking forward to more about the bubbles.


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