As good as it gets…



Nummy new fabric.. can't wait to cut into it!

I loved that movie!


 But my favorite line was “I’m Happy and you’re my date…”

 I got to spend some time with Vern (for y’all that don’t know he’s my huskavarna). A bunch of strip piecing got done and I was checking Facebook, family, extended family and friends. Looks like I may get to go see my Great Aunt this summer. At Least that’s what I’m going to work the details out on. I got a call from a very old friend or a friend that’s very old. I guess now-a-days they both apply! Isn’t it amazing how some people know exactly what to say? We talked about a bunch of nothing and it was just wonderful. Two conversations in one week! I also found an old friend I had been looking for that I grew up with. But wait that’s not all… I got my fabric order yesterday too!

I know, I know, I don’t need any fabric! I know, I said I wasn’t going to get any more until these quilts are done. Actually I just went back and checked and I said I wasn’t going to get any for these quilts. But wait, I confess I got a cake stack of Batiks that would be just perfect for the bubbles!!!

Opening up a box of fabric is exciting .. it’s like getting a present. (Never mind the whole I already paid for it thing)  I like presents and love surprises and yesterday was the day for them!


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