Tornado warnings are going up.. Again. The storm should blow through quickly though so no biggie, for us at least. Those who already have damaged homes don’t think that way. We spent sunday patching the roof and fixing gutters. Caulking windows and yes the Chimney cap. We got a new roof that leaks like a sieve! Well not so much now as we patch after every rain. We’re getting closer. All I can say is don’t hire friends to do your roof!

I’m making stew for dinner I love Stew! Anyone have any new crock pot recipes? I love the crock pot and so does the family! I’ve got some boneless chicken thighs I’m trying to come up with something new to do with them, oh and keep it simple. I can’t stand for a long time so 15 min prep max.. unless I can do it way ahead of time. I’ve already done them BBQ’ed every which way but maybe some type of cream sauce?

 Did yall look at all those Red & White quilts? Pat Sloan has links to all the individual pictures too. You just have to see them! I just love red and white quilts! I made one for one of my nieces and wanted to keep it so bad that I nearly did!

I’m hopeful I get to spend some time with Vern today. Because of the weather I won’t have anyone come to see the embroidery machine I’m trying to sell. I have got some stories about the ones that have been here. Craigs List is a wonderful thing but there are some unique individuals out there! Of course I can imagine the stories they have about me! I’ve described myself and my abilities, remember and remember the pictures of my ‘neighbors” getting ready to ride… I do warn them to not come alone and won’t let them come at night… that it is a very rural area with very little lighting.

Hope your day goes well… I’ve got to shut down the storms are rolling in. This will get posted at noon after the storms..


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  1. I can understand why you wanted to keep this quilt!


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