Could anything more absurd happen?

It’s always something!! 

Lookin' for Cats on the top Deck

Okay, I have the most beautiful Doxie in the World. You saw her baby picture a few days ago. I am not biased! So anyway, she has a few issues. First and foremost are cats. She saw her first when we moved in here. There are so many strays around here it is shameful. Well they have found a way into our garage… our garage is half of the house as you could tell from the pictures of us painting. It could easily hold four cars!

So as I was saying the cats… one has decided to have a litter in there and my Lola has figured it out! No, she can’t get to the cat, it’s in what will be the bottom floor to the apartment on the other side of the house and is now filled with our ‘stuff’ but her barking?  She got into the garage because DH decided to open the back garage door. You can see the door in that picture of her.

She bit through her lip just barking! Yes she did! SERIOUSLY! Her front left canine was stuck through her lip! I had to pull the lip off it! We are talking seriously gross!


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