I want a Duetta!

chickens sketches

Image via Wikipedia

I know, if you’re going to want something you can’t afford you should go for the top of the line. But I seriously want a Duetta Version 4 or even a Eleagante 2 Version 4.1 they’re the same machine right?

I just can’t seem to let it go. I keep looking at them on line and I am now to the point of coveting! I know! That’s so totally wrong! I’m starting to sound like my DD! Don’t get me wrong here, I do NOT need it I simply WANT it.

I’ve spent today doin’ what I wanted to do which is relax. I got some gardening done, played with my chickens, (did I tell you I tried to put the chicks in with the chickens?) They’re the right age but the chickens pecked them bloody! I will try again in a few weeks. I haven’t gotten to my quilting but DS#3 is pressure washing the rest of the house so at least I can get most of the painting finished in the next week. I decided that today was much too nice to spend it indoors.

DD is at my Mom’s cleaning and washing her dog then (of course) shopping. They both LOVE to shop. I think that must skip a generation cuz I’d rather have my teeth pulled (unless we’re talking fabric!) .

(pssst.. wouldn’t those sketches make beautiful redwork?)


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