Busy Busy and getting nothin’ done..

Did you ever have one of those days? You’re in constant motion from dawn to dusk but you really don’t have anything to show for it? Yesterday was one of those days. I told y’all about selling my Toyota, well the ad started and so did the phone calls. WHEW! Maybe I priced it too low? Naw, it’s a good machine for a good price and there are lots of people out there who think they want to get into the embroidery business. Problem is they don’t know much about commercial machines so it was like giving lessons over the phone. Y’all already know about my lack of brian cells so you can imagine how difficult that was for me. I had one woman come by and she thought is was too loud. I told her it was loud when she called… anyhoo, I stopped answering the phone after that. It was 7:30 pm.

This one won.. now it's time to do the soak test and see how that yard reacts to being washed!


So it’s saturday morning and I am hopeful I can get something done for ME today. My agenda… oops I spoke too soon.. DH just hollered from the other room! ARGH!!!! Whew, I think I may have just ducked in time.. I finally got the other computer off the floor in here… DH set it up to transfer all the files over to this computer and left it there.  I also got all my tax paperwork filed after doing my taxes. So once again my quilt room is less office and more quilting. That makes it so much easier to get to the quilt zone.

That’s where I want to be right now. But I must be very, very quiet lest someone notice I’m here and make different plans for me! SHHHH!


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