Crazy Quilt or Crazy Quilter?

Center for a Crazy Quilt?


Or this one???

After two days of not being able to turn on my sewing machine or use my computer I am rethinking the hand sewing thing. I know, my stitches are not what they once  were but a little hand embroidery when people don’t know what it’s supposed to look like I could probably get away with now and then.

In my past life I did some amazing crewel work, candle wicking and needlepoint. In fact it was crazy quilting that started my love affair with quilting. So I was thinking that there’s no reason I can’t have a project that I can work on when I can’t sit in front of the machine. Not one that has to get done in this lifetime but a fun project like doodling!

I know my limitations and can use the machine in areas that require an exact stitch. Vern has all those stitches not to mention I also have an embroidery machine (okay two). So I decided I can do this! The last few days have been a wake up for me. I have an old (1980) crewel picture I did of an Indian Chief. I had it framed and on the wall for years but have since taken it down and rolled it up into storage. It would make a beautiful centerpiece for a quilt. Of course I don’t have any american indian deco in my home anymore but who cares it’s just for fun and it’s not like it will ever be complete.

So instead of stacks of magazines by my chair I can have abit of busy work. Of course I can already hear the fam. They really don’t like it when I stitch binding and watch the TV with them. They always want me to put it down. Why is that? I am in the room with them, I comment on the show, laugh at the right spots..

Well I couldn’t find the indian chief but I found a few other ones I think might work.. I’m going to stew on it a few days..


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