Severe Thunder Storms

Tornado- Cimarron, New Mexico

Image by Phil Romans via Flickr

So I have to make this quick. We lost power for an hour yesterday and it looks like another whopper is heading this way… only five inches of rain since last night! Trees are in the roads and north of us hasn’t gotten power back since yesterday.

Yep that means no computer and no sewing machine! This would be a good time to hand sew but my hands don’t work that well. I do real well to just attach the binding with a blind stitch!

The kids are at school and DH says it’s not gonna be as bad as yesterday so he’s leaving them there. At least there are no big trees there.. here  there are tons of them! I was on the porch when it hit yesterday and .. it was awesome! Just like they say! It sounds like a train coming! One minute it was clear and the next … WOW! I thought we were gonna lose one of our trees it bent over and I waited for the snap.. but it didn’t. Thankfully!

Gotta run.. tornado warning up again. Gotta unplug everything!



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3 responses to “Severe Thunder Storms

  1. I hope you don’t have any more problems. You are in my thoughts…Take care and be careful!


  2. jennyklyon

    I actually miss thunderstorms-not tornados, but thunderstorms. Hope all is well with you and no trees are downed.


  3. I’M BACK.. none of my trees are down.. YEAH FOR US! Looks like the big stuff hit just south of us.. we could hear the sirens and it went on for quite a while. I do love storms!


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