Happy Anniversary!

Well I’ve been married for 15 years today. WHOO_HOO! Can you believe someone intentionally stayed with me for that long? We’ve actually been together  for 19 years and Ya know what’s really funny? This is the first anniversary in ten years that we actually remembered! It’s usually not until April one of us thinks of it. I only remembered it because Facebook reminded me. But don’t tell him that!

Well I didn’t get a new sewing/embroidery machine… financially not in the cards. I’m selling my Toyota 6 needle single head embroidery machine to add to my savings fund for it though. The dream doesn’t die here! That’s how I got my Tin Lizzie (Timmy).. just kept saving!

Selling for my Duetta Fund

What’s on our agenda? He’s working on cars and I’m quilting! Do we get each other or what? Oh yeah my “baby” got her first car actually it’s a truck. She is very excited to have a way to escape from here!

DD's new Truck


Today is a good day. Hope y’all enjoy it too! I’ll try to catch up with yall later!



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2 responses to “Happy Anniversary!

  1. jennyklyon

    Congratulation-enjoy your day and take time to celebrate each other!


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