Rainy Mondays

2009 Wedding quilt top

Yesterday was a drencher here in the Tampa Bay area. I’m not complaining, we really needed it

but (you saw that coming right) I had stuff to do that required me driving. I really don’t get out much but I do drive a dear couple to their doctors appointments as they don’t drive anymore. I’ve been there needing help so I do not hesitate to be there for others when I can. It just really made me nervous, we are talking white knuckles watching every car with extra attention. We got to and from safely, by Gods’ grace, but I had a hum-dinger of a stress headache and then I had to go do taxes for my Mom & Dad, well actually not the whole taxes  as theirs are quite complicated but I did have to assemble and total everything for the lawyer.

So that brings me to yesterdays post.. getting home yesterday afternoon with a whopper of a headache I remembered I had not posted anything yet. I had one of those poor poor me moments (again, I know!).  So I wrote the first thing that came to my mind.. I didn’t articulate it very well. The Quilt Skipper (Jenny Lyon) is a QUILTER. Her skill is an art form, seriously. She wins awards! She has experience. She has spent the time practicing and developing her skill into that art form. I have not. It’s as simple as that. Yes I am a quilter but come on, I can’t be the only one who goes to a quilt show thinking that those are not the same kind of quilts I make.

 Each day I walk into this quilt room I hope I am developing my craft. I am trying to improve. I have just begun to think maybe my improvement is too slow in coming. I am physically deteriorating sometimes as fast as I’m improving my craft. So that thought brought me back to my challenge. It did get me back into this room with positive results but it also showed me that it will not (for me) be the number of quilts that give me the experience to improve but the time I spend with them. I’ve been working and thinking on this last quilt for what seems to me like an eternity. I don’t usually spend more than a week on a quilt. But this quilt is sinking into me. No, it probally won’t be exactly what I intended but it has taught me to slow down and think more about each aspect. Quilting is not a hurry up and wait thing. It’s a step by step process that is an adventure. It’s not the end result but the process that is fufilling.

I’ve decided to stop rushing and enjoy the process.. who knows when I’ll get there in fact it really doesn’t matter if I do. The people who receive my quilts will feel the love I’ve stitched into them and really that’s all that really matters to me. I want my quilts to be carried around, used and cherished for their comfort not for their perky points. But one little award sure wouldn’t hurt my feelings



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5 responses to “Rainy Mondays

  1. We all need to remember that in quilting, as in most everything, it is the journey, not the destination, that is important. I’m looking forward to seeing this quilt but it doesn’t need to be tomorrow!


  2. You said “The people who receive my quilts will feel the love I’ve stitched into them and really that’s all that really matters to me. I want my quilts to be carried around, used and cherished for their comfort not for their perky points.” When I say this kind of thing I dont know if I am excusing my lack of attention to detail and I worry myself that I might be. BUT haha you knew there was a but coming, While I whole heartedly admire the show quality quilts for what they are Im tending towards thinking they are not so much quilts but artifacts in quilt form. Bear with me…The quilt hung up high where non of its warmth and functionality can be experienced is technically and aesthetically lovely, but the quilt that keeps a sick child warm or brings a smile when it makes a cold miserable day that little bit brighter. That is a quilt with added value, love in every stitch no matter how few awards it would win the reward it wins is something special. Are we quilters? nope probably not by some definitions, its not my profession as sculpting was when I was a sculptor, were our great grandmothers quilters or were they women stitching beautiful functional essential items with love tears and probably the odd silent curse just like us? Enjoy the processes enjoy the results and let the only labels you worry about be stitched on your quilts my friend. You are ….one who quilts what ever way you look at it.


    • Thanks, haahaa isn’t there always a but lingering? I agree I may never be a “professional” quilter but I am none the less a Quilter.. though I am getting pretty jazzed about being the Bloggin’ Quilter… LOL


  3. Good job. If you needed to hurry you could go to Sears and buy a blanket. Making quilts should be for the joy of the process combined with the pleasure of the finish; once you get off the pre-cut cookie-cutter bandwagon the Modern quilters are on..let your creativity come out…embrace it! There is a bucketful of time and money in a finished quilt, let there also be a part of the real you. That is just good stewardship of your life.


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