I want to be a Quilter…

King quilt for Mom

When someone asks me what I do I would like to say “I am a Quilter”. I’m tired of saying “nothing”. I am a nothing.. or sometimes I say retired. Yep, I’m retired.. but even then they still want to know what you DO.

Generally when someones asks a question like that they expect you to say something they can comment on. Or at the least they know of others that “do that thing that you do”. I don’t have that issue at the guild. It’s why I like going there. But if I was a quilter.. then..

I’m guessing you have a list of things you have to check in order to say you’re a quilter..

Right now, I guess I make quilts.. but I aspire to be a QUILTER!



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5 responses to “I want to be a Quilter…

  1. I don’t have a problem with saying I’m a quilter and a poet: Let others judge the validity of the statement. In any case, it IS what you do – though I suppose you could add that you are a blogger!


  2. Just join quilters anonymous the self help12 step program for quiltaholics…Then you just say Hi my name is dreamz and I’m a quilter.


  3. yall are awesome!! Quilt-a-holic.. yep I can see that.. along with fabric-a-holic!


  4. jennyklyon

    You absolutely are a quilter-don’t you call those “things you make” a quilt? You even quilt your own work! You can definitely claim your title as “quilter”. The next step is “I’m a textile artist”…


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