There was a little rumbling.. then alot of rumbling..

Yall were not gonna believe that I wasn’t exaggerating.  So, of course I took a picture. DD was mortified that I took a picture but I’ll tell ya.. all that rumbling was almost rejuvenating! As  you can see it is a “Club House” for a motorcycle group. They seem to be a bunch of really nice people, they play music but it’s not too loud or when it is I like the music they play..  

As seen from my driveway.. just a little get together at the neighbors!

 DS#3 and DH had to do a brake job so it was just DD and I painting the house but we had “the gathering” to interest us as we painted. Though it was the others who normally walk and ride bicycles down the street that were the most entertainment! It was like they hit a wall in front of our house and turned around and went back the other way. We did get our goal completed with two coats. This house is going to look huge white. I can tell ya that!

2 coats including the entire porch to the ceiling

So It’s time for me to get the bigger ladders out. DD will continue down the front of the house as high as she can reach. Doesn’t she look happy about it! (I hope, I hope, I hope we can get some helpbut DD wouldn’t let me go ask the neighbors)

DD wants it done... she just doesn't want to do it!



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3 responses to “There was a little rumbling.. then alot of rumbling..

  1. The painting is looking good. Maybe you should have enlisted the bikers…just kidding. Take care!


  2. I think anyone who has ever been around kids and work knows that stance and the look underneath. Done it myself I’m sure, I HATED weeding baby carrots!
    The house is going to look great!


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