Back to quilting..

Quilting is the only language I speak fluently.

Time to drop the “stuff” at the door and feed my fabric lust. That’s what it is; a lust.. a coveting of fabric. I just love to feel the fabric! I can’t say there will be a lot of productivity, with the fam home not a lot gets done .. Actually I am supposed to be painting with them today. Y’all remember the house painting I was supposed to be doing? They push those rollers and I do the cut work. Maybe just maybe DH won’t remember?

I slept in.. it’s almost nine in the morning.. Daylights’ burning! But my fabric calls to me! I was reading Quilt Skippers blog yesterday and she turned me on to this idea she got from Feathered Fibers. An inexpensive way to organize and store fabric! I just can’t stop thinking about how neat my fabric would be and I could see it all! Not to mention I could spend time with every piece of fabric! Think of the treasures I would uncover!

I remembered Carla Barrett had blogged about a system she discovered using comic book cards. I found them at a local store and my starter pack was (gasp!) 300 cards. I won’t tell you how many times I went back for more…

They also have these cool boxes into which the cards fit perfectly-it’s a great system of storage. I can easily see and access my fabrics.

via Quilt Skipper | quilting makes me skip for joy.

I just want to sew … lose myself in the texture and colors.. but alas.. quilts may be my thing but there are other things that have to get done. So responsibility wins out today.. YUK! It’s not fun being the adult, well maybe when I get to eat chocolate cake for dinner.. but not today!

This is the goal.. paint this much of the house this weekend. Naw, it won't get done but ya gotta have a goal!

Do you see the length of the house.. it may take months to paint just the front!



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3 responses to “Back to quilting..

  1. jennyklyon

    You will love it if you organize your fabric this way-it’s a dream! You can go in and play with your fabric and see everything and work more intuitively without having to dig, dig, dig for the right fabric.


  2. Know what you mean about the fabric lust. I had to drag my self out of the fabric store today. Need to save my money for guttering for my new house. Thankfully I don’t have to paint it, it would never get done.


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