I’m here.. You’re there.. Now What?

My Daughter in law "gets" me! She painted this for me!

The Best Kids in the World!

I’m sitting here in front of a blank screen and have NOTHIN”. This is not like me! I usually have something I’m chewing on (mentally). Something to say… but I am worried I shared too much. This blog is supposed to be about my becoming a QUILTER. The quilts that are going to get me there. The steps I take to improve and trust myself in the process.

But life intruded.. and with the postaday 2011 I have to say something everyday so I spewed forth and then published it! I can not believe I published it! Just the writing was cathartic I didn’t have to hit that stupid publish button. But I did and was blessed beyond measure. People who barely know me prayed for me. I can not explain how that healed my heart.

Now, I’m starting to believe that this is more than a quilting blog. It is lifes’ intrusions that influence my quilts, not to the naked eye always. But you all know my proclivities to punt when having difficulties.  Blogging opened up the picture. This thing I do isn’t only quilts but it’s also the people that surround and interact with me. I had no idea I couldn’t separate them from this blog! Seriously!



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6 responses to “I’m here.. You’re there.. Now What?

  1. You just shared the weavings of life! I don’t believe for a second there is nothing going on…but this is a great reflective post and has everything to do with quilting. Sometimes quilting is therapy; sometimes it is a medium to something else; sometimes it IS something else. May you have a blessed day. Please know that you have blessed mine!


  2. jennyklyon

    I say “Every quilter has a story”. I believe that. We don’t quilt just to join fabric together or to put something on the bed or the wall-we can buy stuff for that. We quilt for reasons-sometimes we are aware of it and others not. But there is a story. I love your story.


  3. I have only been blogging since November but I quickly saw what a wonderful community this can be, especially if we (or those we love) are experiencing physical limitations which keep us mostly at home. Your situation certainly deserved a simple rant. Someone else in your shoes could already have gone “postal.” Hang in there and know that your cyber-community is here for you.


    • I’ve been here since New Years Eve… this was my “resolution” to get myself out there.. no more hiding.. interact with people who have a choice to interact with me.. family doesn’t have a choice..LOL! It is a wonderful community, you hit that right! I definately get more out of it than just an outlet.. I feel like were in this together by just sharing. Thanks! HUGS!!!


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