I’m short some 9-patches?

Day 127 - Bubbles

Image by margolove via Flickr

Can you believe it? I didn’t make enough.. I don’t know how that happened. Maybe my math skills aren’t what they used to be? I needed 288 but somehow only made 254.. The numbers don’t even look alike?

So I’m back to stripping.. and sewing… break my little heart! Okay, I confess, this is my favorite part. I love sewing strips together! I know! That’s weird, right? You’d think it would be putting the pieces together but NO.  I’m a strip sewing maniac! Putting the petal down, baby!

I need to look at some bubbles. I’m trying to get an image of how I’m arranging the bubbles. I want the illusion of how it looks when you’re blowing the bubbles out of one of those wands.. I used to love doing that with the kids.. and the dogs. The dogs would eat them then make a face.. then eat more! Now that’ was funny! Oh come on! You know I didn’t do it much. I had to clean up the mess if/when they got sick!

 So, I’m back to it and imagining bubbles floating in the air!!!



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4 responses to “I’m short some 9-patches?

  1. I am really looking forward to seeing this quilt….go girl go.


  2. At least it sounds like you have extra fabric. What I hate is when you are short but you’ve already used all your fabric and it’s something you bought years ago. Looking forward to quilt photos.


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