Update Day 24 of 42

Well I am failing miserably. . only on the second quilt of six.  (Nope still not bummed about it!) So much has happened in my life since I started this I am amazed I’ve been able to get this far. No I am not stopping .. it will be interesting to see just how far I can get. Not to mention that this second quilt?  I am lovin’ it! I’m still really excited about the next one too.

That’s what this was all about. Getting back to the joy of it! The place where it is comforting to sit down and sew and exciting to see the first block come together. When life throws its grenedes in my path I can still find my way back to peace. You see, I am a whiner.. though I don’t whine out loud (muchyou should hear my inner voice! I really shouldn’t be, I am blessed beyond measure!

Besides there’s a lot to laugh at in my trials.  I figure if I can still laugh it can’t be all bad. My disease is progressing to me walking like Tim Conway in those skits on the Carol Burnett Show. Yall remember those ? Man, I thought that was the funnest thing and I thought DH was gonna fall outta his chair when I pointed it out!

So I’m still shuffling away.. I’ll get there , it just may take me longer!



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3 responses to “Update Day 24 of 42

  1. What a great attitude! Just keep it up!


  2. Yes, that attitude and laughter (like I just got from that video) will keep you moving. As we say at my house, any day above ground is a good day!


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