Carbidopa-levodopa 25-100 + Major RANT!

Totally off the quilting topic!  SERIOUSLY OFF TOPIC!!  This is a rant because… I do not know what else to do at this point!

 I have been prescribed this medication and since it is now available in generic I can not get assistance for it.  Because I did not get all my doctors notes to SSA I have been dropped and have no income. Yes, I am and have been disabled since 1997. I now have NO insurance.. and can not get any!  (If I did have any income to pay for it) I received a letter stating that since I did not  pass the paperwork test I have to pay back all benefits that I received since 2008. Only 36000.. oh, and can you pay the total sum NOW?  Really?

My Neurologist wrote a letter and nope.. still waiting on the appeals council. I wrote my senator.. nope still waiting.. the denial states a lack of treatment.. I went six months without a doctors visit and that was in 2002. I have cerebellar ataxia with Parksonism symptoms. I also have three other diagnosis that are in of themselves disabling but alas… the Judge states that due to lack of treatment I am not disabled and even states that my diseases are disabling! HELLO?! I have prescriptions and doctors notes every six months since 1995! How exactly did I get them if I was not under treatment?

Okay so now what do I do? I have been off my medications since July.. I am getting worse and now I find that even though I have no income my medication is not available for any assistance? I can afford to take pain medication but ya know the whole thing is that I did not want to take any narcotics.. I have  this thing that the longer I wait to take that crap (sorry for the vulgarity) the more it will help me in the long run.

Now I have an appointment to review my having to pay back the “overpayment”.. DH tells me not to stress that everything is under Gods control.. I DO trust in that.. meanwhile I am attemping to continue shuffling and staying off the narcotics.. while waiting.. always waiting..



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10 responses to “Carbidopa-levodopa 25-100 + Major RANT!

  1. My prayers are with you. Keep the faith. Your husband sound like a tower of strength for you to lean on. That is a blessing in itself. Try not to stress, it will get worked out–but probably not quickly.


  2. Oh heck Dreamz I am so sorry to hear you are being put under this stress by the system !


  3. Ack! I’m sorry you are involved in such a mess. Being disabled is more than enough, not getting help is awful. I’m sad for you. Know I’ll be praying this works out quickly.


    • One step at a time.. in faith.. thank you so much for the prayers… I treasure them! Each of you are His blessing.. and being able to rant.. even knowing that I will get through this .. the ranting takes some of the sting out of it. It’s been 8 months this time waiting. I have learned a whole new version of patience!


  4. jennyklyon

    My prayers are with you that He will go before you and fight your battle.


  5. Hi! I was actually reading your more recent post on not making enough patches =P but then I came across this. I’m a pharmacist and I think seeing the “Carbidopa-levodopa 25-100” title caught my attention! But reading on, I’m sad to hear of your situation, but it’s also really encouraging to read your replies to others’ comments. God is faithful and good. Praying for you right now ^^


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