It’s all in the details

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Quilting is so much more than cutting and sewing pieces of fabric together. It’s more than following a pattern and getting seams to match. It’s more than the quilting pattern you choose to pull all those things together.

How many of us step back when we see a quilt and notice all the decisions that the quilter made along the way? Unless you’re a quilter you don’t understand or see each decision. Too often I punt when I face a decision. That to me is the difference between a pretty quilt and a breath taking one. I am also afraid to take the chances when faced with a safe choice and a radical one.  

I’m glad others don’t because they are what inspires me. They have the gift of seeing three dimensions.. They can see fabrics working together before they start to cut. I’m still working on the mechanics and they have shown me there are no limits.

Quilt Shows are humbling. I am thankful for each of the quilters who enter.. they show me that each decision can make a difference. None are too small to affect the outcome. Also that yes, sometimes the radical choice is better!



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2 responses to “It’s all in the details

  1. jennyklyon

    Debbie Caffrey just spoke at our guild meeting and she said something that I absolutely agree with: first you acquire experience, which eventually leads to competence, which produces confidence. Once you have acquired confidence, you can be creative. I think that’s the way it works, so you are on your way! You are creative and spontaneous-step back and look at your work!


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