Back to the grind…

I had a good day yesterday. I, of course, hit the Marathon Man and stocked up on more stabilizer, thread and needles. I also got the circle attachment for Vern at the Huskavarna booth. Now I want to sew circles! Well actually I have loads of circles on this quilt so that’s a good thing!

DH spent hours trying to get the transfer cable to work on my two computers. As a result I have glitches on my new machine. Isn’t that fun? But on a positive note I now have all my pictures from the old computer again. I do have to load Adobe Photo Shop then this thing I do should be a bit simpler.

I have to get back to my quilt.. I’ve only got three rows of sixteen sewn together. I also have a stack of  9-patches waiting on the board for ironing. Somehow I forgot them? It explains why I was running low on them while stacking up rows to sew. Relief floods me that I don’t have to make more!

Still haven’t finished laundry from our trip but then it was mostly bathing suits so we’re not talking large loads! I have so many projects I’m in the middle of and nothing seems like it’s getting done. But right now… it’s not bothering me like you would think… guess that time off helped!


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One response to “Back to the grind…

  1. Yes ma’am, that’s what vacations are all about! Unfortunately it usually does not take long for that relaxed effect to wear off 🙂 But you can work at it!


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