Home Again..

I know it was like I never left, right?

My chickens are happy and so are the dogs, though the dogs will may me pay for leaving them for a few days yet.

It was a nice get away but everything must come to an end. The trip home was like a mini shop hop! Two different quilt shops and yes, I bought fabric! It’s the law ya know!

Besides it was only six and a half yards total. I did find the last two fabrics for the wedding ring quilt I have wanted to make forever so that was like a double bonus! I was also gifted two tickets to the quilt show in Lakeland today. So you know where I am!

Hope y’all have a wonderful day!



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2 responses to “Home Again..

  1. I wondered if you would be going to the show… It’s nice to be missed, don’t you think? Would love to see that wedding ring quilt when you finish 😉 . Take care!


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