Why is batting folded on the roll????

the batting goes in the quilt

Image by svacher via Flickr

Yesterday I told y’all I may be a redneck but now I have a confession. I don’t listen to country music. I heard that gasp but you haven’t even heard the kicker. I’ll save that for later…

So todays’ topic?        What is todays topic?           How about batting? Lately I have used a low loft poly but that was in a few  flannel quilts. I am not a prewash person. I want the maximum shrinkage in both my quilt top and batting so I do use a lot of 100% also.  The 80/20 is really nice to work with so when I have a preference.. that’s it. No, y’all are not still back on the pre-wash sentence! Everyone has an opinion, I am not an authority.. seriouslylet it go! Don’t do it!

Back to the batting…  My number one pet peeve? Why is it folded in half on the roll? I have to unroll then unfold so I can roll it back onto the table! It has to be the most awful chore there is in that room! Why can’t we buy a 90 inch roll? I know it doesn’t come out of the batting machine folded.. that’s an  extra step for them too. Why buy by the roll if I have to unroll it to unfold it? It’s not that much less expensive. I think of how wonderful it would be to just slide the roll onto the table! AWWWW!

Batting scraps? Do you save them or pitch them? How often do you use them? Have you pieced batting in a quilt? Yes I save mine and as soon as I have enough to piece into a quilt I use them up. The first time I tried piecing the batting it was a nightmare so I use a little stitch witchery on them now.. the kind that washes out. By the way if you want to see the difference in 100% and 80/20 piece them into the same quilt. Actually it wasn’t that bad but yes there was a difference. If I had planned it .. it could have been fun!



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3 responses to “Why is batting folded on the roll????

  1. jennyklyon

    Back when I had time, I used one of my cool Bernina feet and joined a bunch of my batting leftovers together. It didn’t take much time and was that kind of mindless work you need sometimes. Worked well. I’ve pieced batt for a quilt and it worked well also.

    I’m with ya on the pre wash-life’s too short…..


    • I guess I only piece on small lap quilts but I try to keep the scrap pile low… nice to hear I’m not alone on the washing.. I usually try not to mention that there seem to be some strong feelings out there… HAH!


  2. I piece batting in some things; definitely save pieces to use in other projects; and I use poly or polyblend in most hanging quilts. It’s ok – country music is not everything (don’t let me husband hear that).


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