RedNeck Quilter?

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That’s me! I’m spending a lot of time thinking here at the beach. Trying to understand my quilting process. Actually I may have fried my brain with all this sun but that’s a completely different story! Anyway, I find difficulty in the time between getting the blocks done and the actual quilting. It’s like I’m in a get-r-done mode. I rarely step back, I set my chin and attack like it’s gonna get away. I’m not sure why that is. I left with a quilt in process. Right at that point of GET-R-DONE. Fortunately I don’t have many of the “hold my beer and watch this” moments with quilting.

So, I think therein lies my problem. (no, not the hold my beer part) It’s the pressure I put on myself to complete each quilt. I have an unreasonable rule that there are to be no UFO’s. Yes, ever… up until now I could not have any ufo’s .. I’ve read that many quilters have them. So what is it? Why is that such a sticking point for me? My house is a work in process not a project to be completed. It’s not like I finish stuff around the house!

I think it’s time to stop. Step back and remember this is what I do for fun! If UFO’s become a problem then I’ll deal with it but right now I need to get back to the fun.. Learn to take my time and play. Have a few more of those watch this moments …

I may change my mind once I get home and have access to my sewing machine but right now, it looks good on paper..


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