Column Quilts

baby quilt

Image by qusic via Flickr

Column or Row quilts are getting popular again. They have a contempory look to them with the right fabrics they can be quite stunning. But  I just can’t set my mind on making one. Maybe it’s because I’m more traditional. I really don’t know why. But as I look around it seems nature is more linear.

I watched the sunrise over the beach this morning. The colors and textures both inspiring and calming. Yet putting that into a quilt even seeing rows I just can’t set it that way. For me it’s not a row or part of a picture I want to see but a feeling or a backdrop for a story. Obviously I put way too much thought into a quilt, must be why I don’t design my own but use others’ designs.

I wish I could do needle turn applique. The women who make those quilts are such awesome story tellers. I can listen to them for hours. I have the catalog from last years Paducah show and I can stare at those quilts and see something different each time. Yes the column and row quilts have a story but it seems to me that they want me to provide my own ending. I stink at writing endings, I don’t ever think I get it right.

But I think natures trying to tell me something.. sometimes just sometimes just seeing one row is enough of a story…. 



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2 responses to “Column Quilts

  1. Okay, so I’ve spent all morning following your blog, and the various related articles. I should have been working on taxes, or could have been working on cleaning up the leftover scraps and such in my sewing space, but instead I was following your adventures in quilting. Great work!

    Thanks for your comment on the “Winter Birthday, Summer Wishes” quilt a few weeks ago. When I do get back to quilting, I will be working on a quilt based on ‘Bargello Quilts with a Twist’ by Maggie Ball from the September 2010 issue of “American Quilter”. If you’re still stuck for a pattern, you might look at this one.

    Since half the fun of the pattern is all the different ways you can arrange the blocks, I decided to back each block individually with flannel, and then sew a background quilt with flannel squares set in sashing strips. If it works, the flannel-to-flannel will hold each square, and I can change the overall pattern as the fancy strikes. If not, I’ll probably put velcro squares on to hold the blocks in place.


    • Really so I’m more interesting than taxes… haahaa! Thanks for reading my adventures! I keep telling myself I need to do a bargello but somehow it hasn’t made the list yet. Flannel backed? That sounds interesting.. I can’t wait to hear how it works! I think it would work for a wall hanging.. well I’m off to get my blog done.. another beachy day ahead!


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