Warming Trend

Daytona Beach Florida

Image by Andrew | MotoGL.com via Flickr

Guess what? It warmed up a bit here in Florida! Low 60’s high 80’s.. sounds like perfect weather to me! So being as it is Spring Break what would be more perfect? Daytona Beach, that’s what!

Yes, we succumbed to the pressure to do something… and since the weather seemed to be giving us a openinng… we jumped! I spent yesterday getting dog sitters, chicken watchers and chick sitters.. then new bathing suits (duh!) Cleaning out the fridge and getting coolers down out of the rafters.  Going places is a lot of work!

You know the next thing, right? I just had to look up quilt shops… I think it’s a federal law that states ” when traveling one must visit  at least one new quilt shop, buying at the least three yards of fabric” so, it’s a law, I’ve got to follow it!

The house will not get painted nor will any quilts get made. We will however have some “family fun” and hopefully embarrass these teens while we still can!

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3 responses to “Warming Trend

  1. jennyklyon

    Glad you figured out what to do-enjoy them while they are home still! At the end of the day, family beats quilting, uh, most of the time!


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