Update 14 of 42…

Wow, I am way behind! Yes, I just noticed and no I am NOT throwing in the towel!

I started putting together the top for Batik bubbles. It’s still far from being completed. I should have gotten a whole bunch more done. But instead I had a self-pity day. Wallowing in it. Yes I am ashamed of it and that’s why I’m telling on myself! So I won’t do it again!

Now today I’ve already lost an hour! That’s just not right. But ya know, if I am very industrious I may catch back up some today. At least it 37 degrees out this morning! So not a good day to paint. I’m way behind on that little project too!

These are the quilts from my last similar challenge. It was 7 quilts in six weeks they were quilted and shipped too. So I can’t give up! I know I can do this! I may have to sneak in a few of the same pattern but I don’t think I made a rule against that. Yep, I just went back and checked no rule against it. I’m sure it won’t be a 9-patch though! I am more than a little tired of making 9 Patches for right now!

Anybody got a quick and easy pattern?



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2 responses to “Update 14 of 42…

  1. Do you use leaders and enders when you machine sew? Quilters have been doing it forever but Bonnie Hunter popularized the method.
    She describes it here
    It is one relatively painless way to get acres of boring stitching done while you concentrate on sewing something else.

    As far as easy quilts, I must have missed why you are doing this. Are these charity quilts? The easiest is solid fabric, batted and quilted. Or a giant four-patch. If you are just challenging yourself where is the challenge in easy quilts?


    • Yes, I call them spiders though.. I got it from a Kaye Woods show… now you’re throwing logic at me! I’m doing this to get me out of a quilters’ block… I was at a point I couldn’t start a project. I couldn’t make a decision. The challenge was to get me making quilts again. Quilts I hadn’t made before or hadn’t made how I wanted them made. I just found a block that may fit my criteria..
      Thanks for the link, I love her book, now I may just have to get it!!


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