Little ol’ Quilt Maker Me…

A gift for my Sister

Thirty-four degrees! Are you kidding me? This is truly nuts!

I’m  hiding in my quilt room today. I may even get done with the 9 patches!

 When I designed Batik Bubbles I thought the 4.5 inch blocks might be too big. Then after counting how many it was going to take I thought too small. But now that the majority are made I’m back to thinking they’re too big. I should have gone with 3 inches, oh well can’t change it now.

So many decisions go into the design of a quilt. Too many for someone of my limited brain cell count. However that doesn’t stop me from trying. I can’t help it! I play the “what if” game with almost every quilt I make. Most changes I make I’m happy with so I’m sticking with my process.

Now I think I’m ready to enter a juried show. (you didn’t see that one coming did you?) I’ve spent a lot of time hiding from the quilt police. Ducking when I feared they were near. Our guild is having a show next spring so I am going to enter! Now that I’ve told someone I have to do it. (that’s how I roll) Of course I now have a case of “what was I thinking” panic taking hold. But how else am I going to document my progress? I need a group of my peers, I can not improve in a vacuum.

I’ve made at least a hundred quilts. With each of them I can to this day show you every mistake I made on them. Every point that was not perky or seam that did not match. It has taken me time to realize that perfection is not a goal that will be attained easily or maybe even in my lifetime. But sometimes I get really close.

I’ve noticed blogs of some out there that made into Paducah this year. Their quilts are amazing. I am years from that level … I have to get my feet wet first. Baby steps. I’ve heard of quilters first entry in the quilt world going to National level, that’s soo not me. At my guilds’ last show I can honestly say they were light years from my quilting. But maybe I’ll get some pointers. Which of the areas I haven’t thought of improving.

I think it’s time to stop hiding and just listen to what they have to say. I can always go back into hiding….



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6 responses to “Little ol’ Quilt Maker Me…

  1. My goal for my first entry into a show (Sept 2010) was just not to embarrass myself. Easy peasy and relatively little stress. Like you, I had publicly declared my intention the year before. It will make you a better quilter just knowing it will be getting a public viewing!


  2. Good luck I’m certain you will do really well!


  3. Thanks for your “like” of my drunkard’s path post.

    I am working on a web application that will allow people to play with the basic blocks of the drunkards path. It is not ready for prime time, but you can see it at the link. Play around with it and tell me what you think please.

    The Drunkard’s Path/Robbing Peter to pay Pal Quilt Application


    • I like it.. took me a few 2 figure the commands but I LOVE dunkards path! might have to play with it quite a while!


      • Thanks,
        At some point I will make it a larger grid, so one could get a better idea of the repeats. And I’ll be adding different squares too, with different basic patterns on them, to expand beyond drunkard’s path. I also hope to figure out a way to have the application truly save patterns, so users can see what other people come up with. The program now can save some patterns, but they vanish when you close the page, or reload it….
        And thanks for checking out the bookshelves.


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