A Logical thought process..right?

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Did you see the new I-Pad? I wanted the first one so bad my #1 son caught the want! (I talked myself into the Nook instead.)  He nearly bought one two days before the new one came out. Now you know that would have really stunk! 

I’m still coveting a new sewing machine. No, there’s not anything wrong with Vern, he’s still stitching beautifully! But, I want one! I keep thinking maybe if all the stars line up correctly, then I’ll come into a bunch of money and it will go on sale! But yes, I live in this reality and I understand it will be just Me and Vern for a long, long time.

 I only got to get Vern because my “baby brother” broke and the tech called and told me he was not fixable. It was in the middle of a quilt and I nearly fainted! I mean, seriously, aren’t they supposed to have you sit down before they deliver that kind of news? DH handled it well, did not tell me I was over-reacting or anything.. bless his little heart! But having been through that kind of shock and Vern getting on in years, I’m looking at a pre-emptive strike here! What if!!!

So that brings us to the Upcoming Quilt Shows! (do you see how my mind works here?) Oh, the machines and deals available at the shows! I very nearly came home with one from Paducah last year! Do I dare attend any of the big shows? Will I be able to resist? Should I resist? And of course the million dollar question… would it be wrong to use my 15 year anniversary as leverage to get my new machine…

and all this because I received an email about the new i-pad!



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4 responses to “A Logical thought process..right?

  1. Of course you should use your 15th as an excuse for a new machine-then you will have an established pattern by the time your 20th rolls around, giggle!


  2. A sewing machine is MUCH more fun than a diamond which you have to worry about losing. I got a new one about a year ago and I have never regretted one single minute. I made the decision because I was just about ready to throw a quilt project in the trash and the light bulb came on that a new machine could handle the problem–very bulky seams. New machine is a dream to use. I had the iPad bug now that version 2 is for sale–but DH talked me out of it! He’s probably right.


    • Yeah! I don’t wear much jewelry, I put away my wedding ring set and got a simple band a few years ago. I have one necklace I don’t take off (a cross) but of course sis says gifts should be sparkly.. I say that I get sparkly around new sewing machines!! Yep, I don’t need the i-pad.. it’s not like I leave the house or am I ever very far from a computer.. but I liked the concept of books on demand so I got the nook last year for my birthday… it is wonderful!


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