I spent Yesterday Surfing!

Thunder is not my friend!

I woke today at 4 am to Mo-Jo-ho-witz panicked by a thunderstorm. Poor little dude is terrified by thunder. We adopted him last year from my niece in Ohio. So now he’s here in the Thunderstorm Capital! I kept thinking he  would adjust to it in time. But I’m beginning to see that is not going to happen.

I didn’t get a thing done yesterday. Seriously, nothing! I guess it’s not too big a deal it was only one day, right?

 But I did get to visit a bunch of blogs! There are some seriously breath-taking quilters out there. (did you notice how many times I say seriously? that’s just weird!) Anyway, I’m going to share some links again today. You’ve got to visit these to see what I’ve seen!

Quilt Obsession You also need to visit the InkLingo site.. she makes you a believer!

Dena Crain Published Author, teacher who is so active in her community it seems like she’s everywhere at once! 

Virtual Quilter This is an Electric Quilt expert.. her designs are amazing and she still insists that one day I will learn EQ! (I’m starting to believe her!)

Quilt Skipper Jenny K Lyons, she is a teacher and award-winning quilter. She just received her acceptance into Paducah this year. You’ve got to see the quilt! On top of all that she’s an absolute doll!

Quilt Inspiration This one is an inspiration… lots of quilt pictures.. color ways .. yep inspiring!

Quilt Dad Now that his arm has healed, keep an eye out for more exciting fabrics and quilts to appear!

Sew Inspired Her’s is a slice of life and a fun read.. I love her year-end collage of all her projects of the year. What an awesome idea!

Garden2day I don’t think there are enough adjectives to describe her .. Talented, inspiring and multi-talented are a few.

Well I could keep this up for hours.. trying to list them all but there’s few. I really have to find a better way to keep track of them! If you have favorites please share! I can’t seem to get enough! 

I’ll have my regular posting up later… after the storm… it’s hard to write with trembling dogs staring at me!

(Sorry.. had to update becuz I forgot to tag this blog…)



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5 responses to “I spent Yesterday Surfing!

  1. Aww-thank you for the kudos! I don’t know how I found your blog but I sure enjoy your humorous daily musings. You are one high energy quilter!


  2. You are way too kind! And, that day off-we all need a recharge day. Otherwise we would all burn out. And, that would be a very bad thing! Thanks and take care.


  3. What a great grouping of quilt blogs — thanks for including me!

    A day of surfing and finding some new-to-me blogs sounds like a great idea. I think your list will be my starting point!


    • There is little more comforting to me than to surf each of your blogs and see what’s up with everyone. Insulated as I am .. Y’all inspire me and so many others! Thank you all for all you do! Each one of y’all have such a gift… it helps me when I share your journey … thank you!


  4. Thank you! And I am so happy that I am starting to get through to you! That little bit of information has made my day!

    Judy B


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