9 Patch Pile-up!

Pile-up, stack-up.. whatever! It just means I am getting there!

I am actually getting pretty jazzed about this quilt! Despite the fact there is 2016 pieces in it! Instead of Batik Bubbles I may name it 2020! Am I the only one that counts pieces?

Basic design Batik Bubbles

 I’m not sure why I do it but I can’t help myself! When I designed the borders on #1 son’s wedding quilt I figured out I had more pieces in the border than I did the quilt top. So of course, I had to tell everyone! I thought it was pretty amazing! Now I count as I go, just to see… and yes, if I’ve been to your blog and seen your quilts, I have counted yours too! Numbers are soothing to  me.  Sure way to calm myself down is to figure yardage for a quilt. Then block counts and pieces…

I think it’s one of those trivia things. Useless information we store for no reason what-so-ever! I still remember the first quilt I saw that was over 5000 pieces. I was in AWE! Back-in-the-day they cut each piece individually, there was no strip piecing. I have an english paper piece that I am working on  (in my spare time) that I hope to make at least that. Don’t ask why, just because I want to make one like they did and many still do!

My self imposed challenge has had its intended result. I want to experience quilting! Yet I’m way behind so I better stop talking and get back to piecing!


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One response to “9 Patch Pile-up!

  1. Sometimes I count the number of pieces in a quilt. It can be a real shocker sometimes!


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