Writing Lifes’ Stitches… one at a time

Lola's always getting in my chair!

Seriously how do you quilt everyday and have a life. It reminds me of writing. It’s a solitary life!  You have to supply your own Muse. You have to enjoy your own company. If not for this blog I would have no contact with people. I Thank God for this. I enjoy people.

In my previous life I had contact with hundreds, (yes hundreds) of people a day. I interacted and had relationships, friendships and conversations. I was a member of society. I love listening to people. These days.. it’s a solitary life. I rarely leave my home. I’m not comfortable speaking anymore. The trials I have experienced have changed my perspectives. Love, trust and friendship is more precious.

Quilting like writing has given me an outlet for my voice to be heard without having to be able to speak. Okay, I can speak it is just difficult, I forget words and can’t always follow my own thought process. But y’all don’t know that because I can edit everything first. My quilts speak volumes when I look at them. Most are traditional, seams matching, colors complimenting each other. They too are edited. No one sees the blocks I throw away or the seams I rip.

But like this blog they are not perfect, nor are they meant to be. I tell on myself every time. I find the mistakes as fun as the end result. I tell on myself because I want everyone to know… it’s funny .. this blog is not meant to be serious it’s meant to be fun.

Speaking of fun… I’m off to sew some more 9 patches…the Lola-nator says I can have my chair back!



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8 responses to “Writing Lifes’ Stitches… one at a time

  1. Remember that no matter the situation, you will never be alone. 🙂


  2. jennyklyon

    If your goal for the blog is to be fun, you have succeeded! I enjoy your daily musings.


  3. great post, as always.


  4. Thanks for your nice comments! im glad to find another quilter out there, though you are light years ahead of me! im still pleased ive sewed a few straight seams this week!


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