Quilt Design Snaf-fu (seeing the whole picture)

Rosalee Clark's 2006 Replica of Jane Austen's ...

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I am a stripping fool! Hopefully I will get a head start on all these 9 patches so I can get on to the “bubbles”.. this is one of those that the quilting will indeed make the quilt!

I can’t believe that I am excited about the quilting! I’ve actually got a complete plan for this one. I think that may be what excited me about this design. I tried to pick designs that would make me stretch and this one is like that. Too many times I get to the quilting as an after thought. It has become an “Oh, by the way” instead of what it is actually supposed to be an integral part of the quilt.

 I’m happy to see that no matter the out come of this challenge I am “seeing” the problems in my design process. Y’all have been such a blessing! Thank you for opening my eyes to my self imposed limitations!



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3 responses to “Quilt Design Snaf-fu (seeing the whole picture)

  1. Hi, I saw that my post was a “Related Article” on yours! Did you randomly stumble upon my post and link it yourself, or does WordPress just do that automatically? Anyway, nice to read your post. That quilt in the picture looks AMAZING! Is that your design? I’m only making my first ever quilt, I decided to follow someone’s pattern this time rather than making one up myself. . Enjoy the quilting!


    • At the end of your post WordPress gives you a list of related articles you can link any you choose. I read part of yours and thought people who read mine might like yours too. Not sure which quilt to which you’re referring but most of the quilts I made are on here.


  2. The Jane Austen quilt is on my list of want to make quilts. I have the collection so I can print my shapes — now it’s a matter of choosing the fabrics for it! I think it is one of the most beautiful quilts around.


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