Only one Brain Cell left…

After last nights (early morning) trauma with Electric Quilt and reading the comments I will concede and try again. Actually I’ve been working on one since I got up and that’s been two hours. I have only a ba-zillion questions so far. I did lay out the floral diamond quilt and yep I like the white lattice.

Floral Diamond

 I’m not sure this program will ever be my friend though.  It gives me a rough idea of how the quilt will work so at this point I’ll live with that. Maybe I’ll spend more time with it after my challenge is over.

Meanwhile I am back to piecing 9 patch blocks (stripping baby!). I’ve only another 168 to go! WHOO HOO! Maybe this challenge wasn’t such a good idea!  No, I can do this.. I will not succumb to negative thoughts!  I did not start this to make quick quilts but to push myself. I will endeavor to persevere!

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One response to “Only one Brain Cell left…

  1. That’s the spirit! You will end up with a nice quilt AND a huge sense of accomplishment.


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