Electric Quilt Nightmare!

Oh my word!!

 Virtual Quilter  once told me that if I could use Word press I could use Electric quilt. I really like her! Her designs are amazing and she is just a lovely person… you’re waiting for the but here right? She obviously doesn’t understand my limitations! I loaded that blasted thing, twice mind you, and it has not helped! I wrongly thought it would tell me how many of each block to make. There’s only four fabrics and it is all 9 patches. I designed it and … nope! It doesn’t think I can do it with a rotary cutter! Wants me to cut out a bazillion  two inch squares! Are you kidding me?

Three hours wasted! ARGH! I guess that’s what I get for trying to find a short cut!

Basic design Batik Bubbles

I’m going to call it a night since it’s almost morning!



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12 responses to “Electric Quilt Nightmare!

  1. Amazing how this fun hobby can be so darn frustrating at times. I think we have to view them as growth opportunities 🙂 Sorry I can’t help with the EQ nightmare. I have not ventured into that territory yet.


  2. Hope you have a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed.

    I am going cross eyed trying to count the number of nine patches … if you like you can send me the project file I might be able to give you some help.

    Judy B


    • HAHA!! It’s a 12 X 16 block count and thats what I’ve been trying to do for the past hour! I am cross eyed now! There’s six different blocks! I’ll try to send it in the morning.. it took me an hour to figure out how to save it to a file that would load as a picture! I think I have it now.. why won’t it tell me rotary cutting? did I do something wrong?? The big question is why I attempted this at midnight!!!!!!!!!!


  3. That’s the downside of a new program – learning the ins and outs of it. The best thing I did when I bought EQ was to take the EQ classes offered by Quilt University. Fran Gonzalez – the quilter who wrote all the EQ books – teaches it, and it’s a GREAT primer for using the program, plus I can go back to the tutorials I printed during the class if I get stuck. The classes are tailored to quilters just like us – beginners to EQ! EQ doesn’t do “strip quilting”. It’s a block program, so it shows you how to make the blocks, whether individually pieced or paper-pieced. Don’t worry, you’ll get it. It’s so nice to be able to put it all down on paper and see what it will look like before you ever cut a strip of fabric. Just keep remembering that you didn’t learn your sewing machine in a day. The more you play with it, the more you learn. Don’t give up on it!! You won’t be sorry.


  4. knitwitted

    I love Electric Quilt!! I use it to get an idea of what my quilts-that-maybe-one-day-I-will-make-whatever will look like. Then just use regular patterns for the cutting/rotarying. Much easier!!


  5. I, too, also adore EQ, and I think you would benefit from either going through the software’s tutorial, or taking an online class such as the one Cindi mentioned. EQ also has excellent forums.
    The thing I find frustrating about EQ is that I have designed way more quilts than I will ever get to make!


  6. Sandi

    Just a suggestion – next time you run across this kind of problem, try adding sashing so the individual blocks are more visible. Once you’ve counted how many of each block you can take the sashing back out. One of the great things about EQ is the ability to “what if.” I often recolor my quilts so I can get separate yardage for sashing and border, for example. I want them to be the same color, but when I write a pattern I like to list both separately in case others want to use different fabrics. Good luck – I love my EQ7!


  7. I’m sort of glad to know I’m not the only one who has issues with Electric Quilt! I have tried a number of times but find it very frustrating and anything but intuitive! If you sort it out, let me know!


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