Better late than never…

It didn’t rain! I patched stucco and DD and I got the first coat of paint in the porch area. Then I crashed. With DD and I painting it is gonna take us a month just to get the front of the house done! Man! What did I get myself into? Looks like #3 son will get to help too. He doesn’t mind pressure washing but painting is not his idea of a fun activity. Can you imagine?

 So here’s the quilt!

Fruit Salad

I didn’t get any updates done yesterday so I got up early this morning to see if I could whip that quilts’ butt before I stopped to talk to yall. A little late but I’m off to start cutting the next quilt!! Oh and I have to put another coat of paint on the porch … I have lost my mind!



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5 responses to “Better late than never…

  1. Go to Sears and rent a paint sprayer. We have a large house, it took me three days to tape off the windows 🙂 but it only took FOUR hours to paint the place. The sprayer was easy to run and easy to clean when finished.
    good luck!


  2. The border is perfect. I like how you did the corners. Great job!


  3. jennyklyon

    Beautiful, wonderful, fun!


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