Rain Delay…

I am so disappointed! It’s forecasted to rain here today. That means there will be no painting or stucco work done. My poor son, oh bless his little heart. His disappointment will know no end!!! Maybe the new video game he got for helping paint the house can console him and I guess I will just have to quilt. Aw shucks!!!  That’s the benefit of having more than one challenge going at the same time. I’m not really falling behind. (I’m getting pretty good at that positive thinking stuff, huh?)

Please, please, please let me finish this quilt top today! I am soooo ready for the next quilt!

It never seems to fail that when I get this close to finishing I’m already thinking about the next one. I won’t be able to put it on the table until I get the next one cut. I’m excited about the next one… but not. I’ve been second guessing my design since last night. I may have to start a different one until I can decide and that bugs me! Remember the floral diamond? I was planning to use white instead of all the color around each diamond.. for the illusion of lattice. Do you think that’s just too plain?

floral diamonds.. will white be too boring?

So until I decide I’m guessing it will be the batik bubble and even that one has me questioning myself! But at least with that one it’s a “just do it and see what happens” type quilt. I’ve already forgotten the others I had in mind so I couldn’t have loved them. I did want to do a blue and white quilt but my stash didn’t have enough blues in the shades I wanted.

Can you believe that I’m only at the first quilt and I’m starting to panic this way? Have faith, I’ll pull out of this by this afternoon!



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6 responses to “Rain Delay…

  1. jennyklyon

    “Just do it” means you’re moving forward-go for it. White lattice around the diamonds, never seen that but I think it will make your diamonds look, uh, gem like. A custom quilt job on that one could make it spectacular. I’m impressed with all you get done in a day-I’m an empty nester and don’t get half as much done as you!


  2. I love using white for a background; it makes things stand out, very ‘regal looking.’ I know your dilemma in choosing, but I tend to let the fabrics speak to me-I know-crazy woman listening to her material. Good luck today and take care!


  3. S

    I don’t think white is too boring. White can be just a really nice fresh contrast. It will also make all the other colours sparkle.


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