Update 6 of 42

From the front porch to the left ..that last window is my quilt room

From the front porch to the right ...Upstairs on the right is the studio apartment..


 I got tonights dinner started at my Moms’ house and dropped off DD to do her thing. Okay, so those pictures are when we first started the pressure washing.. we got the left side (upstairs too) and 3/4 of the front done (to the third garage door). Also we finished trimming the palm trees and dug a french drain in front of the third garage door half way to the street. It’s 2:55 and I’m sitting down to quilt. I’ll upload pictures then shower and… die…….   Looks like sub sandwiches tonight!

Okay, it’s 3:45pm and I’m done! Here’s one border done.. to give you a taste..

Only one border sewn on... others ready but.. I'm DONE!


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