Cook, Paint and Quilt

Mini Shabby 8.5 by 10 Crazy Quilt

Image by peregrine blue via Flickr

I love Victorian Crazy quilts. The embroidery, lace ,beads and pearls. They seem to be both a tactile and visual celebration of fabric. But the best part to me is … no pattern to follow! The embroidery and embellishments take weeks and are so much fun! It may just be time for me to make another one!

As you know that won’t be for a while… I’ve embarked on this Challenge of 6 in 6 and let’s not forget this is also the weekend I am to start the painting the house challenge. ( I heard those giggles!)

My Mom is having more visitors today. This seems to be a time for extended family to visit Florida. I can’t imagine why.. high 80’s low 60’s? Could that be it? Well whatever the reason  This morning DD has to go and mop her house and change sheets and I have to “bring on the food“. Not as hard as you would think. Actually I credit it to loving food and having seen my sister feed her family a time or two I caught on real quickly.

I only have four kids but my sister, you remember the young-looking older sister, she has nine . Well when we get together that’s a bunch of people! No one in their right mind wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking when they have visitors soo.. I have six crock pots. They have to be the best invention ever! I set them up in the morning and taadaa you have only to make a salad! She wanted meatloaf one day so DD is making that today  so all she has to do is put it in the oven. DD specializes in Meatloaf.. I mean it is superb!

I’ll have my update this evening. I hope I hope I hope… that there is a update.

Cook, paint and quilt… that’s all I gotta do!



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2 responses to “Cook, Paint and Quilt

  1. I don’t know how you do it. Do you have any down time and when do you find time to sleep? Your sister has 9 children. WOW! That can make for a lot of grands and great-grands… Wow! Take care and you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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