Quilts as Decoration?

"Ugly Quilt"

Do you have wall quilts? Are your quilts displayed around your house?

Other than the quilts I hang in my quilt room I don’t have a quilt anywhere. Isn’t that like, against a law of some kind or something? When people walk into my home there’s no hint that I’m a quilter. I think I’m going to have to do something about that!

Of course that leads me to … AWWW! Which pattern and which colors. Can I really stand to look at one of my quilts like that? I am very critical of my work. I find every imperfection and analyse every stitch. I used to have my “ugly quilt” on my chair to cover my legs in the evening. But I was checking every block to see if they had perky points. Every night I would inspect it during commercials. I keep a stack of blankets by the couch but no quilts.

I don’t think I can make an Art Quilt. The Beiber quilt my DD is making has me on edge. There is no way to make it perky.. how do I help her when I don’t have the confidence? I’ve read up on different techniques. I don’t have problems with techniques but, if there isn’t points to check how do you know if it’s right? Or how do you know when there is enough thread painting? What can you compare it to?

It all comes down to do I like the results or not. That’s what scares me!



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4 responses to “Quilts as Decoration?

  1. Apart from my workroom, where there are none, there isn’t a room in the house without at least one and usually more quilts – on beds, on walls, thrown over chairs…


  2. knitwitted

    Or do what I do… buy old quilts and lock them away in acid-free boxes. A warm, welcoming home covered in quilts? Not for me. I adore the warehouse look. That and the soon-to-made quilt(s) a/k/a piles of fabrics!


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