Day 5 of 42 Update

So here it is…


With First Border

I haven’t got the second/third borders on yet as you can see.. I’m still getting them pieced. Piano Key border.. It’s all I really had enough fabric for. Hopefully I’ll have them attached and get her loaded on the quilt table.. probably tomorrow as we are on our way to a cook-out and have a family movie when we get home. Hope y’all got done what you needed to…



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5 responses to “Day 5 of 42 Update

  1. This looks great and a piano key border will be a perfect mate for all that color. Looking forward that photo.


  2. This is gorgeous!! A great spring project. 🙂 The piano key border will be perfect!!


  3. I just love the bright colours that you’ve used in this quilt. Can’t wait to see it totally finished.


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