There is no update…

Petco store.

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Sorry guys it has been one of those days.. I’m feeling guilty but it couldn’t be helped.. I will do my best to get back on task in the morning. Though it will be a short day… Cook-out with my Uncle who will be leaving this weekend. More visitors on Saturday who I will be setting up an extra crock pot up for. It all goes with living in Florida! Our weather attracts visitors! Again another set of visitors due in on the 16th! Yeah for us!!!

I did get an awnser from Petco and it looks like my new aquarium will be delivered and set up by the end of next week! Expect loads of pictures. Non-quilt related! FISHES!!

Hugs!  Hope everyone elses day went well!



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2 responses to “There is no update…

  1. Its the days off that make the days working sooo exciting. Enjoy your weather!


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